Board Election of New Officers

ESCAS Board Election of New Officers

The ESCAS Board is pleased to announce the results of the elections of ESCAS Officers that took place on March 1, 2016:

President:  John Schoeberlein
Vice-President:  Beatrice Penati
Secretary: Dina Sharipova

ESCAS Officers are elected by the ESCAS Board from among the Board members, for a two-year term that will be completed with the next ESCAS conference in 2017.  Elections to the ESCAS Board are held in conjunction with the biennial conference, which will be held next in 2017.

We are grateful for the continuing service of other ESCAS Board Members.  While not all Board Members have an Officer title, they all contribute to the leadership that sustains the Society.  Other members of the board are Judith Beyer, John Heathershaw, Svetlana Jacquesson, Zhanylzhan Junussova, and Qakhrahmon Yaqubov.

We also express gratitude for the continuing service of Zifa Auezova in the role of ESCAS Treasurer.  We will be looking for someone to carry this role forward as we very likely relocate the base of ESCAS after decades of being located in the Netherlands.

Finally, we express appreciation to Meruert Abusseitova for her leadership term in the ESCAS Presidency (2013-2015).