Next Conference

ESCAS XVI Conference, Univ. of Exeter (2019)

The Board of the European Society for Central Asian Studies has awarded the hosting of the 16th ESCAS Conference for 2019 to the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.  Prospective participants should look for the Call for Papers in autumn of 2018.

While we wait for the Call for Papers for the Exeter conference, you can get a glimpse of past conferences here.

ESCAS Conferences in the Future

The hosting of the next conference is open to competitive proposals.  Potential hosts should send their expression of interest to the ESCAS Secretary (see the ESCAS Board page).

According to a decision of the ESCAS Board in 2015, ESCAS plans to hold its biennial conference alternately in Central Asia and Europe.  This pattern is reflected in the sequence of Astana (2013), Zurich (2015), Bishkek (2017), and Exeter (2019).  In 2016, the ESCAS Board made an agreement with the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) to co-organize its Central Asia conferences with CESS.  The first co-organized conference was the 15th ESCAS conference in Bishkek.  In order to synchronize the scheduling of ESCAS and CESS conferences, the next co-organized conference will be in 2020 in the Central Asian region.  Subsequently, the next ESCAS conference will be in a European location in 2022.